october 6, 2018 @ 20:30-23:30 & 00:30-2:300

NUIT BLANCHE 2018: Yaa Samar! Dance Theatre presents The Playground, a multi-channel video installation and live durational performance which examines the role of games in popular culture to normalize war and violence. Featuring video footage from the American war in Iraq, the US/Colombia '94 World Cup match, and an xbox gaming station alongside four live performers stationed in cell-like rooms subjected to music torture techniques used on prisoners at Guatanamo Bay, The Playground invites audience members to question their own role as an observer in this context; at what point does their participation implicate them in the action of the game?

Bains de Bruxelles
Rue du Chevreuil 28
1000 Brussels, Belgium

october 18, 2018 @ 4-6pm

Masterclass with dance majors at Walnut Hill School for the Arts
12 Highland St, Natick, MA 01760