october 17 - November 1, 2017

Creative residency at Seoul Dance Center in Seoul, South Korea for the development of Weft, a multimedia collaboration with composer/videographer Galen Bremer, which investigates how we weave our personal narrative from the people, places, and communities we come to know throughout our lives. 

october 24 - 27, 2017 @ 10am-1pm

Memory Mapping: Contemporary Dance and Improvisation Workshop at the Seoul Dance Center.
Focusing on core strength, anatomical alignment, and movement exploration, workshops offer an environment of technical and artistic investigation for dancers of all levels. Class begins with a warm up that draws on yoga, Pilates, classical, and contemporary dance techniques to connect participants to their core and find an authentic and organic source of movement.
Class continues with improvisation exercises to explore place through sensation and memory. Participants will make physical 3-D maps of places drawn from their personal histories using texture, duration, dynamics, and rhythm. Based on these mapping scores, dancers will bring the places from their history into the room, and begin to play and interact with the stories, maps, and dances of others. Over the course of the four-day workshop, participants will use these scores to build a living composition, constructed out of the places we come from and where we are, together, alongside repertory material from Rabinowitz's solo work, Weft.

Oct 21-22 and 28-29 @ 10am-12pm

Masterclasses at the Ewha Dance Academy in Incheon, in partnership with Korea Dance Abroad

november 8 @ 7pm

World premiere of Weft at Cucualorus Stage Festival, in Wilmington, NC
Thalian Theater, Wilmington, NC
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